public   EventListener::__construct    (     EventBase     $base      ,     callable     $cb      ,     mixed     $data      ,     int     $flags      ,     int     $backlog      ,     mixed     $target      )

EventListener::__constructCreates new connection listener associated with an event base


Associated event base.


A callable that will be invoked when new connection received.


Custom user data attached to cb .


Bit mask of EventListener::OPT_* constants. See EventListener constants .


Controls the maximum number of pending connections that the network stack should allow to wait in a not-yet-accepted state at any time; see documentation for your system’s listen function for more details. If backlog is negative, Libevent tries to pick a good value for the backlog ; if it is zero, Event assumes that listen is already called on the socket( target )


May be string, socket resource, or a stream associated with a socket. In case if target is a string, the string will be parsed as network address. It will be interpreted as a UNIX domain socket path, if prefixed with 'unix:' , e.g. 'unix:/tmp/my.sock' .